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Administrative| Board Secretary
Northern Ontario Latin-Hispanic Association

Not On Bus Route Not Wheelchair Accessible No Parking Available

Urgency: Average

Number of volunteers needed: 1

Work Location: Sault Ste Marie,ON

Police Check: Not Required

Reference Check: Not Required

Vehicle: Not Required

Smoking: Not Permitted

Language(s): English

Sector(s): Social Services
Cultural and Ethnic

Work Type(s): Administration and General Office Assistance
Board/Commitee Work

Duties: • The board secretary is an executive member of the board of directors of the association and is to be appointed in a manner consistent with the bylaws. • Accountable to the Board and, like other members of the board, has no authority to direct staff or act on matters outside the duties outlined in their position description. • Assisting the Chairperson/President by preparing agendas and coordinating activities such as setting up meetings, etc. • Maintaining legal documents such as incorporation certificates, letters and articles of incorporation • Keeping an official confidential register of its members and directors • Clearly labelling all official records. • Keeping current records and archives at a designated location. Making sure they can be retrieved quickly when needed; the Canada Revenue Agency requires financial records be kept for at least 10 years • Keeping an official membership registry, including the names, address, phone numbers and email addresses • Handling the organization’s correspondence, distributing minutes to members and notifying them of upcoming meetings • Providing advice on meeting procedure, reference materials and information retrieved from the records • Working closely with the Chair and Treasurer to ensure safekeeping of financial records • Implementing the decisions of the Board specific to confidentiality, access and file retention

Skills Expected: • Must be extremely organized, flexible and possess professional written and verbal communication skills. • Have strong decision-making abilities, attention to detail and a high degree of productivity and accuracy. • Must be self-reliant, highly motivated, resourceful, proactive, and efficient while maintaining an approachable and professional presence to both internal and external contacts. • Excelent writing, note taking, summarizing and public-speaking skills, as well as some knowledge of nonprofit procedures. It is helpful if the person is familiar with the organization and topics under discussion. The Secretary is responsible for ensuring the following tasks are completed.

Car Required: No
Start Date: 03/05/2019
End Date: Ongoing
Contact: Sandra Mongui
Phone: 7055421316
Email: spanishclubssm@gmail.com

188 Shannon Road
Sault Ste Marie, ON